An Introduction to Medical Malpractice

A medical malpractice case is typically sought by patients who feel harmed or injured due to inadequate medical treatment or a mistaken diagnosis. These lawsuits are generally brought against a doctor, nurse, technician, or an entire hospital. Determining whether the medical provider was negligent is difficult, though. You must show that you did not receive the same standard of care as other patients or that you’d have received from another facility.

Contact the Appropriate People

First and foremost, it is critical that you speak with an attorney. The longer you wait, the less chance your case is accepted by the court. Next, contact the doctor or medical professional who treated you before filing a claim. Your goal is to acquire some form of understanding as to what may have gone wrong, and to allow your medical provider a chance to determine whether the situation may be remedied. In many cases, medical providers are more than happy to perform services to correct an unfortunate situation. These services are sometimes free of charge.

Next, speak with the relevant medical licensing board. If talking with your medical provider did not satisfy the situation, the licensing board may be more accepting of your plight. Licensing boards cannot compensate you, but they can issue warnings or disciplinary action against the practitioner.

Undergo a Medical Assessment

Your case has no bearing if you cannot prove negligence. Schedule a medical assessment with another health care professional to receive a “certificate of merit” to help determine that your injuries were due to negligence, not your own doing.

With this assessment, your attorney may then file a certificate of merit, which confirms you spoke with another medical expert.

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