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A million thoughts and emotions run through your mind when you have been in an accident on the road. You are shocked, frightened, injured, perhaps severely, and do not know where to start in terms of cleaning up the mess. The worst part? The accident was not your fault. It was someone else’s poor judgement […] Read More

When it comes to abusive collections practices, every individual is entitled to legal protection under the Fair Debt Collection Act and the collection laws in Texas. If you’ve been harassed or treated inappropriately by an aggressive debt collector, then you are well within your rights to take legal action in an effort to prevent further […] Read More

Here in North Texas, it’s not uncommon to have close calls on the road with large commercial trucks. They’re frequently seen on back roads, highways, and busy city streets, and it can be unnerving to drive close to such a large, heavy vehicle. If you do end up in a collision with a large truck, […] Read More

If you have suffered an injury due to an accident, you may be curious as to when you should hire a personal injury attorney. Situations can vary, and circumstances change. Filing a personal injury claim requires know-how and focused skills, including a thorough understanding of the legal system. You don’t want to file without a […] Read More

Driving is a necessity. Most of us drive each day. However, often due to human error, roads have proven dangerous since the vehicle was invented. Truck accidents occur daily – some of which are fatal. In Texas, recent studies have shown that our roads are some of the most dangerous in the country, especially for […] Read More

Many people suffer a slip and fall accident at some point. Even worse, the accident is likely not their fault. A slip and fall can happen to anyone and at any time. Immediately following such an accident, it’s crucial to know what steps may be taken. If the situation is not your fault, by law, […] Read More

Truck and delivery drivers have ranked among the highest number of workplace fatalities in recent years. The job is dangerous. These statistics rank among the worst of any other occupation, according to data gathered by the Bureau of Labor Statistics. In 2016, for example, 918 truck drivers died on the job. In the last five […] Read More

Filing a claim after a car accident requires action. As a victim, it is crucial that you remain attentive during each step in the claims process. Ideally, all liable parties will be held responsible for the accident. If filed correctly, you may receive recoverable damages, including medical bills and personal property damage. It is highly […] Read More

  A wrongful death claim is a unique type of personal injury lawsuit, wherein someone passed away due to another’s negligence or intentional actions. These claims are typically brought against a defendant who has caused the death. The whole point of the claim is to seek justice on behalf of the surviving family members. In […] Read More

  Earlier this month, we reported on a hit-and-run accident involving a McKinney teen and a group of construction workers. Unfortunately, the construction worker who was rushed to the closest hospital in critical condition has passed away. Early Monday, McKinney police revealed that Jose Rivera, 51, passed away six days after the accident took place. […] Read More