How to Avoid Slip and Fall Accidents Around Pools This Summer

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It’s summertime, which means that you’ll likely be doing a lot of swimming. But, if you aren’t careful, accidents can happen easily – pools can be dangerous places! Thousands of Americans die every year from drowning accidents, and many of these do occur at swimming pools. It’s because of this that it’s really important to know how to avoid pool-related accidents, particularly when it comes to slipping and falling around the pool area, which is how many accidents occur. Here, we’ve outlined a few ways for avoiding slip and fall accidents around pools.

Keep a Close Eye on the Kiddos

Children should NEVER be allowed in the pool area unless a responsible adult is supervising them. That adult should not be distracted by their phone, a book, or anything else. Drowning happens fast, so it’s imperative that someone keeps a close eye on kids who are swimming – at all times

Don’t Run in the Pool Area

Running around the perimeter of the pool is basically asking for trouble. No one should be running in the pool area. Make it a point to walk carefully when in the pool area, and set a good example for any kiddos in the vicinity.

Make Sure at Least One Adult Knows CPR

This one is crucial! Knowing CPR is a basic skill that saves lives. In the time it takes for an ambulance to come, a person could easily die without CPR.

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