"Animal Bites" Posts

It is a common misconception that only aggressive dogs are the source of damaging dog bites. Even the friendliest dog can become threatened or scared and bite. A bite can be a dog owner’s worst nightmare. If you’re your dog has bitten someone, you need a dog bite attorney in order to help limit your losses. Responding to […] Read More

The majority of pet owners these days are highly responsible and take great care to keep their animals from causing any harm to other individuals. Unfortunately, there are some instances where animal bite injuries do occur, and it is important to know how to handle those situations. At Joe Knows Law we are committed to […] Read More

Dogs have long been touted as man’s best friend and are welcomed into many homes for companionship and service. However, a bite by a dog can happen to anyone at any time and may result in a serious injury. National Dog Bite Prevention Week, which takes place this year from May 19 – 25, is […] Read More