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In today’s economy, even the most hard-working individuals can slide into debt. Many Americans struggle with their personal finances. A recent study revealed that over 35% of Americans have debt that has been reported to a collection agency. This means unending phone calls, emails, and letters in the mail asking for payment. It is often […] Read More

More Americans are in debt now than ever before, and there is no sign of that trend slowing. Despite owing money to a lender, you still have rights and protections guaranteed to you by law. The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA) is a law that protects you from harassment, threats, and abuse from a […] Read More

Many people find themselves in a less than optimal financial situation where they cannot pay their bills. It isn’t long before harassing debt collectors start blowing up your phone. You should not have to put up with abusive and illegal debt collectors. Joe and his team of McKinney collection attorneys are here to assist you. Here […] Read More

Owing money to someone and being unable to pay it back on time is incredibly stressful. Dallas debt collections can be brutal in their collection methods. You do have rights, even if you owe money, and you do not have to tolerate harassing behavior from creditors or Dallas debt collections. Here is a brief overview of […] Read More

The debt collection process can be a serious hassle, especially if you suspect that someone is trying to trick you out of your money illegally. At Joe Knows Law, we want to help you identify illegal debt collectors who might be trying to take advantage of you and your assets. If you think that you […] Read More

In today’s turbulent economic climate, more people than ever are finding themselves plagued by aggressive debt collector harassment. Daunting letters, threatening phone calls, and even intimidating personal contact are all standard fare in overzealous creditors’ repertoires. However, Such tactics are often unethical and illegal. What Can Debtors Do? Various consumer protection laws exist at both […] Read More

Creditors want to collect money that rightfully belongs to them, but they do not have the right to use abusive or unfair tactics to intimidate you. The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) enforces the Fair Debt Collection Act, which puts legal limits on how and when a debt collector can contact you. Attorney Joe Lucé at […] Read More

When you are in debt, it may seem that every phone call you get is someone dunning you for money. You may not realize it, but you do not have to put up with it. Attorney Joe Lucé can help you exercise your rights that protect you from abusive collection practices. Joe Knows Law (Attorney […] Read More