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When you find yourself in the midst of civil litigation in Dallas, you may be confused with all the legal jargon flying back and forth. It is important that you understand the basic terms of civil litigation so that you can better follow your case, and help you understand your attorney better. If you have […] Read More

When you are looking for the “best personal injury attorney near me” Joe Knows Law should be at the top of that list. We take pride in our work in helping clients get the absolute best legal representation in McKinney. Our clients are so satisfied with our work that they love sharing their experiences with […] Read More

Being injured due to the negligence of another can result in severe financial and medical consequences. At Joe Knows Law, the main question we get asked by personal injury victims looking for guidance from a McKinney attorney is whether or not they have a strong case. The answer to this question is that there are […] Read More

At Joe Knows Law, we understand that getting into a car accident can be stressful and disorienting in many respects. Depending on the specifics of your particular accident, you may benefit from the help of a car accident attorney in McKinney to make sure you get the money you deserve. How do you choose the […] Read More

Getting in a car accident is a sure fire way to ruin anyone’s day, especially when you are not at fault. If you or someone else in your vehicle is injured and require medical treatment, you cannot always be sure that the other driver’s insurance will cover your medical bills. It is not always clear […] Read More

When older individuals who are unable to defend themselves suffer from regular violence or negligent mistreatment, it is often considered elder abuse. This can include physical, sexual or emotional abuse; neglect at the hands of family members or caregivers; financial exploitation; and abandonment. At Joe Knows Law, we help victims of elderly abuse by finding […] Read More

  Hit and run accidents can be extremely frustrating ordeals and very, very difficult to get through. You have to deal with not only the anger and frustration that can come with being hit, but also the aftermath of having to deal with the insurance fallout that comes afterward. Joe Knows Law, and he is […] Read More

Lingering warm Texas weather means hopping on your bike or in a boat and enjoying the fall season outdoors. However, it only takes a second for your good time to result in injury or worse. There are a number of legal and technical issues surrounding boating accidents and motorcycle accidents in McKinney. Let our attorneys at […] Read More

Super Circuits has created an infographic outlining crimes that happen in America based on the data from the Robbery and Property Crimes report. We will take a visual look at crime in America from where, when, and how perspective. If you have the unfortunate circumstance of becoming one of these statistics, you need a McKinney […] Read More

When a fatality is caused by the negligence or action of another party, the surviving spouse and family members may have grounds for a wrongful death action. A civil lawsuit gives survivors the opportunity to see that justice is served and that families are compensated for the loss of their loved one. As a leading […] Read More