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If you have suffered an injury due to an accident, you may be curious as to when you should hire a personal injury attorney. Situations can vary, and circumstances change. Filing a personal injury claim requires know-how and focused skills, including a thorough understanding of the legal system. You don’t want to file without a […] Read More

A medical malpractice case is typically sought by patients who feel harmed or injured due to inadequate medical treatment or a mistaken diagnosis. These lawsuits are generally brought against a doctor, nurse, technician, or an entire hospital. Determining whether the medical provider was negligent is difficult, though. You must show that you did not receive […] Read More

An accident can change your life in the blink of an eye. You may be driving around, minding your own business, when a drunk driver slams into your vehicle out of nowhere. The extent of your injuries may be unknown at this time, but they could be severe. If the other driver is clearly at […] Read More

If you’ve ever been injured in an accident within Texas, there are numerous crucial laws and legal principles which may impact your personal injury case. Understanding these very basic regulations regarding personal injury cases may help you protect your legal rights. Furthermore, you’ll want to seek legal counsel with an experienced personal injury attorney — […] Read More

Accidents are scary. They’re confusing, stressful, and just filled with too many emotions. It’s also the time when a clear head is beneficial to all those involved. You may have been injured in the accident, and perhaps need to seek medical attention promptly. If that’s the case, do so first. After you’ve acquired medical care, […] Read More

Late last month, a young teen, Lexi Liles, was injured in a rodeo accident in Fort Worth. The incident in question took place at a high school rodeo competition in north Fort Worth, near North Main Street and Northwest Loop 820. Lexi Liles was riding her horse during a steer undressing event, in which she […] Read More

On January 25, 2014, Makenzie Wethington, then 16-years-old, injured both her liver and kidney, suffered bleeding within her brain and broke her pelvis, lumbar spine, shoulder blade, and numerous ribs. How? Her parachute malfunctioned over Chickasha during a sky-diving incident in Oklahoma. The young woman, a North Texas native, fell over 3,000 feet to the […] Read More

Are you involved in a personal injury case, or is someone you know involved in such a case? If so, you’ll likely want to learn some of the factors that could potentially influence this case. Personal injury cases are serious business, and they are nothing to brush off simply. If you want to receive proper […] Read More

Four people were killed in a multicar crash Tuesday afternoon near Westminster, east of Van Alstyne.  Zoe Wilson, 16, of Van Alstyne, was taken to Medical City McKinney. Abigail Kendall, 15, of Anna; Brianna Gesino, 15, of Anna; Julie Trimble, 51, of Ivanhoe; and Wayne Trimble, 51, of Ivanhoe died at the scene. Nine other […] Read More

Dallas motorcycle accident statistics paint an extremely discouraging picture, but they encompass just a small portion of how prevalent these kinds of accidents are throughout the state. Motorcyclists – even ones who take the proper precautions when it comes to using and wearing safety gear – have very little protection when an accident occurs. Often […] Read More