"Product Liability" Posts

Have you recently bought something, only to find that it does not work or (worse) has caused you harm in some way? If so, you’re not alone – and you should start thinking about product liability. Product liability refers to the legal process wherein a manufacturer or retailer is held responsible for the creation of […] Read More

Here at Joe Knows Law, our civil litigation lawyers are truly the best at what they do. Read on for more information about our well-renowned civil litigation services. We’re here for you! Civil Litigation First, it’s important to understand what civil litigation is. In short, this section of the law deals with legal disputes that […] Read More

Defective or dangerous products can cause severe injury.  If you or someone you love has been injured by one of these products, you may have a strong product liability case. Use this guide to understand your rights. What is Product Liability? In the U.S., any manufacturer, producer, distributor, supplier, or retailer is legally held responsible […] Read More

Sometimes manufacturers don’t always have their customer’s best interest at heart. In many instances, manufactures make products that injure or cause harm to consumers. Whenever a consumer of a product is injured while using the product, that consumer can use the help of a product liability lawyer. How We Can Help Product liability lawyers can […] Read More

When a manufacturer does not warn the public about dangerous side effects, they may be liable under product liability law. In fact, pharmaceuticals are often the center of product liability lawsuits. As thorough as research and testing can be, sometimes side effects aren’t understood or documented. Product liability law helps to keep people safe by penalizing […] Read More

Winter is upon us, and when the temperatures drop people run to turn on their furnaces. Before you turn on your heating system, it is important to check the batteries on your smoke detectors and carbon-monoxide detector to prevent severe injury to your family. As part of a responsible homeowner, you have a duty to […] Read More

When a defective product causes you injury, you will need to consult with a product liability attorney. This area of law can get quite complex and be impossible to navigate on your own. Joe Knows Law always wants to keep clients informed about their case and the process at large. Here are terms that you […] Read More

If you have been injured because you used a defective product, you may be eligible for compensation. Product liability laws are complex, but Joe Knows Law can help you navigate them so that you can get the money you are entitled to. Safety Issues Under Texas law, you are entitled to compensation for damages if […] Read More

If you were injured after using a defective product, you may be entitled to damages. Companies are liable for injuries that result from defective products, especially if the company knew the product was dangerous before selling it. If you need a product liability attorney in McKinney, contact Joe Knows Law. What is Product Liability Law? […] Read More

In an economy like that of the United States, successful growth depends largely on the behavior of consumers, who drive the demand that helps keep companies employing more workers. And while the products that Americans consume generally provide many benefits, there are some unfortunate instances in which people are injured by faulty products. Thankfully, individuals […] Read More