Am I Covered by Worker’s Compensation?

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Every year, millions of Americans are injured on the job. For many of them, their only hope is in worker’s compensation . The payments they will receive should help cover the costs of medical bills, lost work hours, and basic needs. Unfortunately, not everyone has worker’s compensation, or they’re unclear on their coverage options. It’s time to inform the hard-working individuals of this country. You have a right to damages if injured on the job. Speak with an attorney today!

Is My Injury Covered by Worker’s Comp?

Most injuries qualify for worker’s compensation, as long as it is job-related. You may be injured in an accident while on a job site; for example, straining your back or losing a finger in a machine. You may also catch an illness due to unhealthy work conditions. Even if you become ill over an extended period, such as months or years, you may still qualify for worker’s compensation.

If you perform incredibly repetitive work, such as typing at a keyboard, over time, you may experience repetitive stress injuries, such as carpal tunnel syndrome. These are known as chronic illnesses, or cumulative trauma disorders, and are fully compensable by your worker’s comp.

Must an Injury Occur at Work to Qualify?

Whenever you perform work for an employer, you’re entitled to the benefits of worker’s compensation. This means you could be at a work site or otherwise. You are eligible in the following circumstances:

  • When you leave work to secure office supplies
  • Telecommuting from home and are injured at the computer
  • Attend an office party and slip and fall

However, you are ineligible for worker’s comp benefits if you are going to and from work, or when leaving the office for lunch.

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