The Difference in Damages Between Car Wrecks and 18-Wheeler Accidents

The Difference in Damages Between Car Wrecks and 18-Wheeler AccidentsWhether you are involved in a car accident or an 18-wheeler accident, you may have sustained serious injuries. You may think an injury is an injury, and it doesn’t really matter the source. However, there are stark differences between car wrecks and 18-wheeler accidents. Attorney Joe Lucé can assist you with either of these accidents, but it is important that you know the possible differences between the two. Here are a few things to consider. If you have specific questions relating to your accident, you should discuss these matters with our staff.

Things to Consider with Car Wrecks

When you are involved in a car crash, more often than not, it is with another private individual. You may be able to recover compensation through the driver’s insurance company and depending on the circumstances, from the driver themselves. Unless the driver was using a company car, you only have to consider the driver and their insurance company, barring some defect by the car manufacturer. To see who to file your law suit against, talk to your car accident attorney.

Things to Consider with 18-Wheeler Accidents

While there are some private individuals who own their own 18-wheelers, the vast majority of big-rigs are owned or operated by companies. When their employee is involved in a car accident during the course of their work, the company is responsible through a concept called “vicarious liability.” This means in addition to the insurance company; you can also name the company and possibly the employee (if they were acting maliciously) in your lawsuit. 18-wheeler accidents can get pretty complicated depending on the facts. It is best that you speak with an experienced attorney who has specific experience with 18-wheeler accidents about your case before signing anything.

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