Equipment Malfunction in Dallas: What You Should Do Next

Equipment Malfunction Dallas, TXWhen you encounter an equipment malfunction in your line of work, it is important that you take the proper steps to be safe. Many personal injuries that happen on the job occur because of an equipment malfunction and then proper steps not being taken to fix the issue. If your employer knows about the equipment malfunction and does not address it in a reasonable amount of time, it is negligence and they can be liable for injuries that happen. You can be part of the solution, here is how:

Report to a Supervisor

When you notice that a piece of equipment is not functioning in the correct manner, you need to put your company on notice. Report the malfunction to your supervisor and let them know about the potentially dangerous situation. Let them know that it is not safe for you to continue working on the piece of equipment while it is in that condition. Do not continue to work, you should never be put in an unsafe working situation by your employer.

Report to OSHA

If your supervisor does not take appropriate action to fix the equipment malfunction, you need to submit a complaint to OSHA. There are special provisions relating to reporting unsafe working environment that protect workers. They will complete an inspection of your workplace and will make note of the malfunctioning equipment. They will then force your work to comply or pay very hefty fines.

Protect Your Rights

You should never be forced to work with equipment that is malfunctioning. Even if your supervisor or boss assures you that it is ok, it is not worth an injury. Contact an attorney and protect your rights.

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