Factors That Influence Your Personal Injury Case’s Worth

Slip and Fall AccidentAre you involved in a personal injury case, or is someone you know involved in such a case? If so, you’ll likely want to learn some of the factors that could potentially influence this case. Personal injury cases are serious business, and they are nothing to brush off simply. If you want to receive proper compensation for your injuries and the mental pain this case has incurred, it’s time to understand what factors could affect the verdict.

Your Injuries

Basically, the more significant your injury is, the larger your potential compensation will be. If you have experienced a severe injury, such as a broken bone, then you are looking at higher medical costs.

The Location of the Accident

If you were injured in a politically liberal area or state, versus a conservative one, you are much more likely to receive higher compensation to cover your medical costs. The location of the accident does play a huge role in, usually, in determining your compensation – keep this in mind.

Pre-Existing Injuries

Be warned: You’ll often face insurance companies that want to pay out less because of pre-existing injuries — they’ll argue these injuries were there before the accident and therefore, helped to intensify the injury. However, do keep in mind that it can be proved that your accident made these injuries worse.

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