How to File a Claim For an Auto Accident Personal Injury

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Accidents are scary. They’re confusing, stressful, and just filled with too many emotions. It’s also the time when a clear head is beneficial to all those involved. You may have been injured in the accident, and perhaps need to seek medical attention promptly. If that’s the case, do so first. After you’ve acquired medical care, consider hiring an attorney – one who specializes in personal injury and automotive accidents.

First Part vs. Third Party Claims

When an accident is involved, there are two types of insurance claims: first party and third party. A first-party claim is one you file with your insurance company, while a third party is one you file with the insurance company of another individual or company. Most insurance holders are covered in the case of a third party injury as a result of their own actions.

The type of claim you file solely depends on who is at fault for the incident, the kind of accident, and the extent of your personal insurance coverage. For example, if you’re the cause of the accident, you need to file a first party claim. If you were hit, then you need to file a third-party claim.

The Insurance Claims Process

After being injured in an automotive accident, you typically have 24 hours to file a claim with your insurance company. If you were not at fault for the incident, you should also contact the insurance company of the other individual. You may be required to provide further information, such as the cause of the crash and the extent of your injuries.

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