First Steps After a DUI

Accident Compensation: How Much Can I Get?

Most people who are arrested for driving under the influence are frightened and confused. They don’t know what to do next.

If you find yourself in this situation, you need a proper defense. Whether you had just one drink or not, the results of a DUI stop are often the same. If possible, you should fight. Taking the necessary steps is crucial.

Step 1: Take a Chemical Test

A chemical test is required in most states. Refusal to comply is punishable by law. A chemical test will determine your current blood alcohol level. It is how police officers determine the amount of alcohol in your bloodstream. If you refuse a field sobriety test, especially after an accident, you have a lot to lose. Take the chemical test.

Step 2: Contact an Attorney

For a DUI court case, you never want to settle for a general attorney. DUI law is complex and requires vast experience and in-depth understanding. While any attorney may represent you, only a specialized DUI attorney will provide a favorable outcome. Your chosen lawyer will walk you through the entire process, handle paperwork, and prepare a viable defense for the court case.

Step 3: Prepare for Arraignment

During the trial, the arraignment period is when you’ll enter your plea. It’s best not to plead guilty. It is entirely possible to fight a DUI case and win. However, you need an experienced counsel on your side. A plea of not guilty will ensure you receive a jury trial, where it is possible to show you were never driving drunk, or perhaps challenge the accusations in another manner.

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