Frisco Police Investigating 16-Year-Old’s Fatal Car Accident

Exercise Caution Dangerous North Dallas Roads

According to local authorities, a single vehicle was traveling westbound on Panther Creek Parkway in Frisco. The driver was a male sixteen-year-old Lone Star High School student. At approximately 11:00 p.m., the vehicle veered off the road and struck a pole. The boy was transported to the local hospital with minor injuries. The passenger, however, 16-year-old Anjealo Antiono Magno-Santos, was pronounced dead at the scene by police officers.

As of right now, police are unsure of exactly what happened and are not pressing charges as of yet, though an investigation is ongoing.

In Need of an Attorney

At this point in time, following a significant vehicular accident, most individuals would bring in an accident attorney. While fault has not yet been determined, it could easily point towards drunk driving or reckless driving, at the very least. In this case, the law would take over. The driver who was sent to the hospital will have medical bills to repay, but the family of the passenger who passed away at the scene of the accident will have funeral costs to pay and grief to move through.

Wrongful Death

A wrongful death involves a devastating circumstance that changes the lives of those around the deceased forever. In this case, Magno-Santos was taken from this world at far too young an age. His family can file for wrongful death, though it will certainly be an emotional time for everyone involved with the incident.

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