How to Navigate a Multi-Car Accident Claim

Navigate Multi-Car Accident ClaimIf you were involved in a multi-vehicle car accident, it can be mind boggling to figure out exactly who to file a claim with. There are fault issues, insurance concerns, and many legal hoops to jump through. It can be quite a frustrating process. Below are a few tips on how to navigate a multi-car accident claim quickly and efficiently.

Determining Fault

When it comes to determining fault in a multi-vehicle accident, it can be a very complex process. Each driver owes other drives a duty of care by driving safely. When there is an accident due to someone breaching that duty, then that driver is at fault. But with multi car accidents, it can be difficult to determine who has breached that duty.

Take Pictures

It is always important to document (if you can) the accident scene by taking pictures with your phone or camera. Pictures can help you to determine where damage occurred; the placement of cars, and together with witness statements paints a picture of what occurred.

Hire an Attorney

Multi car accidents are very complicated and it can be difficult to receive adequate compensation unless you hire an attorney. Look for attorneys in your area that specialize in car accidents. After you find one that looks knowledgeable in the area of car accident injury, call to schedule a consultation. Most attorneys offer a 30-minute consultation free of charge. Then you can discuss the accident and get a feel for how the attorney would handle your case. Bring all your important documents pertaining to the accident with you to the consultation just in case you need to refer back to that information.

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