How to Protect Yourself from Drunk Driving Accidents

Protect Yourself from Drunk Driving Accident. You may keep yourself and your family out of danger if you devise a defensive plan ahead of time. If an accident is unavoidable, you can count on Joe Knows Law (Attorney Joe Lucé) to use his superior knowledge of personal injury to help you get compensation for your losses.

Things to Do

You can spot a drunk driver by behaviors like speeding and swerving that alert you to danger. There are many ways that you can attempt to avoid a drunk driving accident. Stay off the road at night and on national holidays if you can, and consider these steps when you are driving:

  • Drive in the Far Right Lane – You limit your exposure to one side of your car instead of two. Keep looking for a safe place where you can pull over if necessary.
  • Approach Intersections Cautiously – Even if you have the green light, remember that the other driver may not have the ability to respond to a red light. Accidents in intersections are especially hurtful when they involve a broadside hit.
  • Turn into a Parking Lot – Get out of a dangerous situation by escaping into a parking lot, and stay there until you are sure that it is safe to return. While there, you can safely use your cell phone to call the police.

Keep in mind that alcohol affects coordination, depth perception, and judgment, qualities that are required in a safe driver. A drunk driver is incapacitated and unable to perform basic driving skills.

Things Not to Do

  • If a drunk driver is following you too closely, do not tap your brakes. Make a quick turn onto a side street instead.
  • Avoid driving on dark, country roads. Poor lighting and narrow lanes make driving difficult even for people who are safe drivers.

Potential Consequences

Wrongful death is often a tragic outcome of drunk driving. When you suffer unimaginable loss, you need the guidance of a skilled McKinney accident attorney. Call Joe Knows Law at 972-346-5180 to get the best legal help.