How to Spot and Stop Elder Abuse

Elder Abuse Attorney McKinney TXWhen older individuals who are unable to defend themselves suffer from regular violence or negligent mistreatment, it is often considered elder abuse. This can include physical, sexual or emotional abuse; neglect at the hands of family members or caregivers; financial exploitation; and abandonment. At Joe Knows Law, we help victims of elderly abuse by finding legal methods of protecting their physical well being and financial assets. Below are a few warning signs and a discussion of potential legal remedies for these types of situations.

Warning Signs

There are many signs that can indicate that elder abuse is occurring:

  • Bruises, bed sores, broken bones and other physical injuries can signify that a person is being beaten and/or neglected
  • Changes in personality and depression can warn of emotional abuse
  • Sharp transformations in an elderly person’s environment—such as  a formerly immaculate home falling into disrepair—can indicate that person’s finances are being manipulated

Those who believe that someone they know is being victimized by a caregiver, family member or anyone else should report their suspicions to the proper authorities as soon as possible.

Legal Remedies

There are a number of civil legal options available to protect elder abuse victims. However, because these types of abuse are so varied, possible legal solutions need to be tailored to the situation. For example, elderly individuals who are being exploited financially may have changed their wills under duress, to the benefit of their abusers. In such cases, an attorney would be able to review these legal documents to determine if these abusers’ inheritances can be removed.

If you are a Texas resident looking for legal advice on this topic, you may want to speak with a McKinney lawyer at Joe Knows Law to gain a better understanding of your options. We are committed to providing competent, compassionate counsel to those who need help navigating the legal system. If this sounds like the kind of legal counsel you need, contact us at (972) 562-9700.