How to Settle a Car Accident Claim Without an Attorney


Settle Car Accident Claim Without AttorneySometimes a car accident isn’t severe enough to warrant an attorney. With some research and patience, it is
possible to settle your claim by yourself.

Make a Claim

Make a claim with your insurance company to request compensation. There are different processes you may have to go through for different companies. The majority of them require a few phone calls and some forms to fill out about your accident. Make sure to write down all details about your accident as soon as possible so you can accurately recall what occurred.

Compensation Calculation

The amount of compensation you are eligible to receive from the insurance company depends on a few factors. These factors can include your injury, property damages, missed work, etc. The insurance company takes these costs and plugs them into a calculation that will give them a narrow range they are willing to pay. If the amount they offer seems acceptable to you and your damages then you can settle.


After you have spoken with the insurance company, they have offered an amount for settlement, then you can negotiate. Make sure to bring up the facts in your case that work in your favor. Reiterate your damages that you have sustained and explain why the current offer is not acceptable. Make a counteroffer and wait for a response.

Know When To Ask For Help

If you feel like negotiations aren’t going as expected, or you will not receive what you are entitled to, then it is time to hire an attorney. An attorney can be a valuable resource for knowledge as well as a powerful advocate for you and your case. Some other indications that you may need help is if you have damages that exceed a few thousand dollars or future injury claims, then it would be worth it to speak to a legal professional.

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