How To Identify Illegal Debt Collectors

Identify Illegal Debt CollectorsThe debt collection process can be a serious hassle, especially if you suspect that someone is trying to trick you out of your money illegally. At Joe Knows Law, we want to help you identify illegal debt collectors who might be trying to take advantage of you and your assets.

If you think that you might be dealing with an illegal debt collector, ask the following key questions:

When are payments due?

While real debt collectors will warn you well in advance about payment due dates, illegal collectors might demand money on the spot or within the day.

Did the collector provide contact information?

A legal collector will giveyou full contact information, including physical and web addresses. An illegal collector, on the other hand,might not share any such details with you.

What payment options do I have?

Illegal collectors often offer limited payment options, such as only accepting credit card information over the phone. Legal collectors, however,will give you several options, including payments by phone, by mail, online, or through a money wiring service.

How does the collector act?

Traditional debt collectors will treat you with a calm, polite, and non-judgmental attitude.Illegal collectors will often seem abusive, demanding immediate payment and refusing to answer your questions.

If you suspect that illegal debt collectors are trying to take advantage of you, contact the experts at Joe Knows Law. We will help you identify and deal with any illegal collectors so you can feel safe and secure once again.