The Ins and Outs of Texas Insurance Claims Lawsuits

civil action lawsuitIf you’ve been involved in a car accident, the single most important decision you can make following the incident is to hire an experienced attorney. An automotive accident is an incredibly complex issue; one that requires the assistance of insurance companies and many legal professionals to handle correctly. The most difficult part of any accident – for most people – is handling the insurance company and its adjusters after the fact. They utilize a lot of legal jargon to confuse you and make the process difficult to pay out less where possible.

Where to File

The next step in any insurance claims lawsuit is to know where and when to file. The venue is crucial. For example, are you supposed to file in county court where you live, or where the injury occurred? Often, a lawsuit can be filed in multiple districts, but a single mistake can ensure the case is dismissed outright.

For a small claims lawsuit, you can file in the most convenient court for you. For more serious injuries, however, seek a higher court after speaking with a trained attorney on the matter. Your lawyer will know what venue is right.


Of course, the amount you intend to sue for must be within the maximum monetary jurisdiction of the court, too. For example, if the monetary limit of your local court is $10,000, but your damages or injuries are $15,000, the maximum verdict will remain at $10,000, resulting in a potential loss. To receive the full judgment, you need to file in the correct court – a higher jurisdiction court.

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