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Boating Accident LawyersBoating is a popular pastime in Texas which bring us closer to nature, fishing, swimming, skiing and just general fun with family and friends.  As fun and entertaining as boating can be,  an injury experience can be fraught with unique challenges and dangers.  Legal claims related to boating accidents can involve complex legal and technical issues. When water-related accidents occur, a thorough investigation of the causes must be conducted by an attorney familiar with boating accidents and injuries.

Any injury that occurs on a boat or with a ship is considered a “boating accident,”  and can occur on someone’s privately owned boat, a cruise ship, a ferry, or a personal watercraft such as a Jet Ski. The most common boating accidents are collisions with other vessels, however, capsizing and falling overboard are the most often reported fatal accidents. Other more common injuries involve slips and falls on board or while boarding or disembarking, sinking, and boat disappearance.

Joe knows boating and will tell you both the operator and the owner of any boat have a duty to employ the highest degree of care to prevent injury to others. Even so, careless and reckless operation, as well as operator inexperience, and dangerous passenger or water-skier behavior rank among the primary factors in recreational boating injuries. When many of us think of boating on a hot summer day in Texas, we may imagine a beer or two as well. However, this combination has proved deadly, causing untold and unnecessary suffering. Alcohol use is the leading contributing factor in all fatal boating accidents

The complexity of the legal and safety issues involved in boating accidents and personal injury law makes hiring a skilled injury attorney critical in securing a legitimate claim and in prosecuting the case to a successful conclusion. Investigating, negotiating or litigating a boating accident is crucial due to the unique laws involved. If you have received a boating injury, call attorney Joe Lucé and his team for a free consultation that will get you on your way to being compensated for your injuries, medical bills, and pain and suffering.

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