Drunk Driving Accident Lawyers

Have you been injured in a drunk driving accident in McKinney, Frisco, Allen, Plano or North Texas?

Drunk Driving Accident LawyersDrivers who are impaired by alcohol can make a simple drive a risky one. While motor vehicle accidents may be a common form of personal injury, there is nothing ordinary about it when it happens to you and when we react by taking on your case. While insurance companies commonly try to downplay your claim by terming the event that changed your life a mere “car accident,” an experienced personal injury attorney like Joe Lucé can help make insurance companies sit up and take notice of the catastrophic events that changed the lives of you and your loved ones.  Joe will not only clearly illustrate your injuries and the repercussions within your life, but he will also clearly identify the party or parties at fault by making the negligent or recklessness acts an inarguable fact.

Consequences of Drunk Driving Accident for Driver

Most people know that drinking and driving do not mix – and yet, according to the CDC, there are nearly 300,000 incidents of drunk driving each day in our country. The average drunk driver will drive under the influence 80 times before being arrested.

The consequences and risks are high. Getting caught while driving under the influence may lead to a suspended license, mandatory jail time, fees and fines, ignition interlock devices, job loss, higher insurance rates, denial of insurance, and even prison time. Each state is different, but every single one has severe punishments for those caught driving while inebriated. In fact, 42 states will suspend your license for up to one year. Never get into the vehicle with someone who has been drinking, and never drive yourself after having alcohol.

I was a passenger in a car driven by a drunk driver. Can I sue him for my injuries?

Yes. You can sue the driver of the car for your injuries. If the driver was acting negligently, like drinking and driving, and causes you physical or emotional injury, you can file a suit to receive compensation. The first step is to talk to an experienced accident attorney who can help you file your lawsuit and obtain monetary compensation from the insurance company. Don’t sign or agree to anything without having your attorney thoroughly read through your settlement. If you were a passenger in a car driven by a drunk driver and sustained an injury, contact Attorney Joe Lucé today at (972) 562-9700.

What damages can I recover from a defendant who was driving under the influence?

One of the most common questions we get in our office is, “what damages you can expect to recover from a defendant?” Just like any personal injury case, you can expect to receive compensation for your medical bills, lost wages, pain and suffering, and in rare cases, punitive damages due to intentional or malicious behavior. To determine what damages you may be able to recover from a negligent drunk driver, it is best to speak with your attorney. They will be able to look at your particular facts and advise you more accurately on what you can expect.

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