Legal Resources Series: How to Best Handle a Contract Dispute

Legal Resources Series: How to Best Handle a Contract DisputeContracts make the world go round. The economy wouldn’t be able to function unless people could create binding promises. Unfortunately, some people don’t meet the terms of their contract, or they don’t agree on what the terms mean or what is expected of them under the terms. This is when contract disputes occur. But how do you handle a contract dispute? Attorney Joe Lucé is happy to provide some options. Nothing in this blog should be interpreted as legal advice or as the creation of a client/attorney relationship. If you have a specific question about your contract, contact Attorney Joe Lucé at (972) 562-9700.

Talk About It

Sometimes minor disputes can be talked through. Ask the other party to set some time aside to talk about the dispute and try to create a few solutions you can provide. If they are unwilling to discuss the dispute with you, you may need to bring in a neutral party or hire an attorney to communicate on your behalf.

Send a Letter

While some people don’t respond to verbal communication, a formal letter can help get a response. Talk to your attorney regarding the contract dispute and ask whether a letter should be sent to the other party. Generally, a letter will lay out a timeline in which things need to be resolved or you will take legal action. It can also provide solutions or instructions for the other party to follow in order to be in compliance with the contract.

File a Lawsuit

If the other party still doesn’t respond to requests for compliance with the contract, you may need to take legal action by filing a lawsuit. A court generally will not force people to perform a contract except under narrow circumstances. However, a court can provide you with damages you have suffered due to a breach of contract.

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