Video Testimonials

 “Joe Knows Law”: Mortgage or Divorce – Joe Can Help

Hear how a client benefited from his business relationship with Texas attorney Joe Lucé. Does Joe know law?

Family Man: “Joe Knows Law”

Who needs a lawyer that loves his wife and kids? Maybe you do. Find out why.

If You Have Something “Joe Knows Law”

Texas attorney Joe Lucé knows law. Hear what one client has to say about his attorney and friend Joe.

Too Nice? “Joe Knows Law”

Hear from a client firsthand why he thought Joe was “too nice” a lawyer and how it all turned out in the end.

“Joe Knows Law” My First Meeting With “Joe,” a Texas Attorney

How scary is it to meet a lawyer for the first time? Will they tell you to open your checkbook? Find out.

Great Guy: “Joe Knows Law”

Hear how one client sums up personal injury attorney Joe Lucé.

My Trustworthy Lawyer Joe: “Joe Knows Law”

Hear why a client recommends attorney Joe Lucé.

Talking Without Paying? “Joe Knows Law”

Don’t all lawyers charge you to come in and visit about your problem? Find out why Texas Attorney Joe Lucé is well-respected and even loved!

“Joe Knows Law”: Keeping You Informed

Hear what a client has to say about how Texas Attorney Joe Lucé cares for his clients. Does Joe know communication? Check it out.

Leave Your Own Birthday Party? “Joe Knows Law”

Who would leave in the middle of their own birthday party to go and help someone else? Could it be Texas attorney Joe Lucé? Find out.

“Joe Knows Law”: Helping the Little Guy

Doesn’t everyone kick the little guy? Where can he or she go to get help? Find out.

“Joe Knows Law”: I’m Joe’s Most Important Client

Does it take a million dollar case to interest attorney Joe Lucé?

Afraid of a Fight? “Joe Knows Law”

You know you need a lawyer who can fight and fight hard for justice. What about Texas attorney Joe Lucé? Does he scrap? Mix it up?

Difficult Times “Joe Knows Law”

Why is Texas Attorney Joe Lucé a good Attorney to have in difficult times? Find out.