McKinney Man Killed in Crash

It is always with immense sadness that we learn of the death of a member of our community. Just last month, in early November, a McKinney man was killed in a vehicle accident just outside Floyd, Texas, in Hunt County. Exact details of the accident are unclear, but it is known that this man, gone far too soon, left behind a loving wife and children.

Friends and family grieved for the man. A fund was set up in his honor to raise money for his wife and children. Those who knew him expressed their grief and feelings of loss at losing a family member and dear friend.

Wrongful Death

There is no amount of money, no object on this planet, that will help bring back a loved one after their untimely passing. You can fight for their rights, however. By speaking with an experienced, empathetic attorney who understands your plight, you may sue for wrongful death, in some instances.

A wrongful death suit will allow you to fight for justice and fair compensation for:

  • Lost income
  • Medical expenses
  • Funeral expenses
  • Pain and suffering
  • Emotional trauma
  • Grief counseling

Accident Attorneys

After an accident, dealing with the insurance companies, filing the appropriate paperwork, and ensuring your vehicle is repaired correctly is a chore. Most of us do not have the energy, nor the confidence, to complete these tasks on our own.

You’re not alone, though. An experienced car accident attorney will help you to navigate the insurance industry and file a claim promptly and appropriately. Seek help today.

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