What You Need To Know About Texas Worker’s Compensation Coverage

Workplace Injury Lawyers McKinney & Dallas TXTexas Worker’s Compensation Coverage exists to assist an employee injured on the job to pay for medical expenses and recuperate a portion of lost wages. Texas is the only state where worker’s compensation is optional for the employer. However, the Texas Worker’s Compensation Act protects employers who provide coverage from civil liabilities when an employee is injured on the job. Worker’s Compensation covers about four out of every five workers in Texas, and when covered, is available for all employees regardless of citizenship.

What Is Covered?

There are four major areas covered under Texas Worker’s Compensation:


Medical benefits will be paid directly to the physician or practice for medical coverage that is reasonable and necessary to treat work-related illness and injury. 


Income benefits will be paid to replace a portion of lost wages while an employee is unable to work, with additional compensation in the event of permanent impairment.


Death benefits designed to replace a portion of lost future income will be paid to the family of the deceased employee.


Burial benefits will be paid to partially offset the cost of burial of a deceased employee.

Is It Necessary?

Texans pay an average of 20% more per medical claim than the rest of the nation. Additionally, Texas has the second-highest cost for pharmaceuticals in the country. Furthermore, Texas is ranked second in the nation for longest duration of medical care for patients, and only two out of every three employees injured on the job are back to work within two years. These high costs for medical coverage combined with lengthy treatment and recovery periods mean that is it vital to provide worker’s compensation coverage to safeguard employees.

If you are an employee injured on the job and are wondering how to receive the most from your worker’s compensation claim, or if you’re an employer who realizes the importance of worker’s compensation coverage for your staff, contact Attorney Joe Lucé online or call (972) 562-9700 for more information.

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