Personal Support from a McKinney Injury Lawyer

Personal Injury Support If you’ve been injured on the job or while visiting a business, you may be entitled to compensation for your injuries. Personal injury law is complicated, but if you get the right attorney, you can get all the compensation you deserve to pay your medical expenses and to replace lost wages. Joe Knows Law can help you with your injury lawsuit.

Liability Issues

Under Texas law, you are only entitled to compensation if the person you are suing is at fault for your injuries. Common reasons that companies may be at fault for personal injuries include:

  • Reasonable precautions were not taken to ensure you did not suffer harm (e.g., the company did not put out a wet floor sign after mopping a floor, and you fell as a result).
  • An accident could have been prevented if the other person had avoided reckless action. This often comes up in car accident cases. For example, many car accidents could have been avoided if the person at fault had exercised better judgment.

In some cases, both parties may be partially responsible for an accident. This also happens in many car accident cases, where one person went when he or she didn’t have the right of way and the other didn’t stop in time.

If both parties are partially liable for an accidental injury, you are entitled to only a percentage of the compensation. For example, if the other person was 70% responsible for the accident, you are entitled to 70% of the compensation you otherwise would have been entitled to.

The Personal Touch

You don’t want to hire just any McKinney accident attorney to assist you with your personal injury claim. When you’re in physical and emotional pain because of someone else’s actions, you want your attorney to empathize with you and to give you the support you need during your case.

When you hire an attorney from Joe Knows Law, you get a lot more than just information about the legalities of your case. Lucé Law’s attorneys are experienced in general civil litigation but also bring the human element to your case. They don’t like to see people get hurt needlessly and will fight for your rights if that happens. Call them at (972) 562-9700 to schedule your first consultation.