Product Liability – A Guide to the Facts

Product Liability Attorney McKinney FBHave you recently bought something, only to find that it does not work or (worse) has caused you harm in some way? If so, you’re not alone – and you should start thinking about product liability.

Product liability refers to the legal process wherein a manufacturer or retailer is held responsible for the creation of defective products. In cases where certain products are deemed not only defective but also dangerous, this can have serious consequences for the manufacturer. Everyone is held accountable under U.S. product liability law.

So, what happens during a product liability case?

During a product liability case, there should be a contractual relationship between the consumer (the person who bought the defective or harmful product) and the manufacturer (the person held legally responsible). If this is not the case, it’s still very likely that the consumer will still receive compensation. As is always the case, the consumer must be able to prove that he or she obtained an injury after using the product – not before. In order to receive sufficient compensation (or compensation at all), the person must prove that the defective product was the cause of the injury.

What are the different forms of product liability claims?

Essentially, there are three categories of claims that entitle a person to file product liability litigation. These include: inherent dangerous design, lack of adequate help instructions, and defective manufacturing of the product. The latter is undoubtedly the most common. In determining whether or not you have a liability case on your hands, it’s important to do research into each type of case.

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