What Qualifies as a Livestock Injury?

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There are countless ways for your livestock to become injured. For example, if one escapes its pen and wanders into the road, a passing vehicle may strike the animal. This collision is bound to cause considerable damage to both the driver and the creature; large livestock, such as cows, can cause tremendous harm. In such cases, the owner of the animal may be liable for damages.


According to the law, the owner/keeper of the animal is held accountable if negligence caused the accident. In other words, if you’re involved in a crash with livestock, it’s typically the owner’s fault. However, the owner may be paying a keeper to tend the livestock; it is therefore that person’s negligence in question. The keeper may be held liable for any sustained damages or injuries.


As a livestock owner, if you pay for a keeper – an individual or service – you hold them liable for any and all damages or injuries to your animals. These animals are essentially your property. If the keeper fails to respond appropriately to any situation on the job and causes an injury, you can hold them responsible. They should pay all medical bills and other associated costs.

Of course, you’ll want to hire an experienced lawyer. Livestock law is tricky. There are lots of minute details to consider, and gathering facts isn’t always easy. Find someone you may trust to provide results. Farming is dangerous work. Injuries are all too common and require special attention. Don’t let your case fall by the wayside.

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