Railroad Injury Lawyer

Railroad Injury Dallas & McKinney, TXRailroad injuries, whether they happen on the job, as a train commuter, or as part of a train-related accident, can often be serious and life-altering. As with any other types of injury where you may not be at fault, anybody who suffers an injury should seek out an experienced railroad injury lawyer. Here is what you need to know if you or a loved one has endured a rail-related injury.

More Common than You Think

The scope of accidents and injuries involving trains is wide-reaching and happens more often than people imagine. Between January and August in 2016, just over 7,000 railroad accidents were reported. There have already been over 5,000 railroad related injuries and 571 deaths in the same time span. The top three causes of accidents are…

  • Derailments (an average of 2-3 per day)
  • Track, equipment, or signal issues
  • Human-caused accidents

What to Do if You’re Injured

First and foremost, seek medical attention. The nature of train accidents often causes serious injury, but even seemingly minor injuries should be checked to prevent further complications. Once your wellbeing is accounted for, document the events that caused your injury. You’ll want a clear, brief record based on available facts. If applicable, get written witness statements. Additionally, keep copies of medical bills, employment records, and other documents pertinent to the effects of your injury.

Talk to an Attorney

If you believe you may have a case to work with, consult with a railroad injury attorney. This initial meeting will help you discuss the facts of your case, review documents, and answer questions with an attorney before deciding how to move forward.

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