Safe Summer Driving Tips

Summer Driving TipsSummer is one of the biggest times for car accidents in the United States. More people are on the road taking vacations, business travel, and attending family events. There is also more drinking during the summer, which leads to catastrophic drunk driving accidents. Luckily, you can follow these driving tips, which can lessen your risk this summer.

Put Your Phone Away

Cell phone usage, particularly texting and driving is slowly overtaking drunk driving as the main cause of fatal car accidents. The best thing you can do is to place your phone out of reach while you are driving. If you need to make calls during your drive, invest in a hands-free headset so that you can remain focused on the road.

Be Wary After Midnight

If you are out driving late, do your best to stay off the road from the hours of 12am and 4am. This is when the bulk of drunk driving accidents occur. If you are out late, try to find a place to stay the night so that you don’t put yourself in harm’s way.

Don’t Drink and Drive

One of the most common driving tips is just to avoid alcohol if you will be getting behind the wheel. If you would like to drink, call a taxi, Uber, or Lyft to get you home safely.

Car Seat Safety

If you have small children, part of driving safe with them in the car is to make sure you have their car seat installed correctly. Check your child’s weight against the limits set by the car seat manufacturer. You can go to your local fire station in most cities to have them check your car seat installation for free. Always remember to check that everyone is buckled in snugly before driving.

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