Safety Measure for Motorcyclists from a Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

Safety Measure for Motorcyclists From a Motorcycle Accident LawyerMotorcycle accidents are measurably more devastating than any other type of accident on the road. Motorcycles are traveling at the same speed of cars and trucks but with a fraction of the protection. As an experienced motorcycle accident lawyer, I have seen countless clients endure severe injuries due to negligent drivers. Even though many accidents were not at the fault of the motorcyclist, there are some ways you can be safer on the roads.

Always Assume the Worst

I always tell clients that they can be the best drivers on the road, but that doesn’t prevent other people on the road from driving recklessly. You should always assume that a driver is going to drive in a way that is dangerous or harmful to you and make plans for avoiding them. Staying a few steps ahead of negligent drivers is what will keep you safer on the road.

Wear a Helmet

This seems like a common sense safety tip, but it is amazing how many motorcyclists drive without a helmet. When you have an accident on your motorcycle, your head is the first thing to hit the pavement. Any brain injury at high speed can cause serious long-lasting disability. By wearing a helmet, you can minimize your risk of a traumatic brain injury if an accident does occur.

Obey the Law

While you are on a motorcycle capable of lane splitting and higher speeds does not mean you should do these things. By following the law, obeying the speed limit, and driving responsibly, you lower your risk of an accident considerably. If you are involved in an accident, it can quash any claims of contributory negligence as well.

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