What to Do If You Slip and Fall on Public Property

Slip and Fall on Public PropertyOne common personal injury claim comes from slip and falls. When you fall on a public sidewalk, the liability aspect can be tricky. Here are the basics of a public slip and fall case. If you have been injured due to the negligent upkeep of a public sidewalk, make sure to contact your attorney.

Basics Of A Slip and Fall Case

In order to prove a slip and fall case, you have to prove there was negligence. When you slip and fall on someone’s property it does not always mean they were negligent. It must be proven that the property owner kept the sidewalk in an unreasonable condition and they knew or should have known that it was unsafe.

Who is Liable for a Slip and Fall on a Public Sidewalk?

Liability for a public sidewalk depends on the state and local laws. Some cities may put responsibility for the upkeep of the sidewalk on the city, or local municipality. You would need an attorney to determine which is the prevailing law in your particular neighborhood.

What Do I Do If I Slip And Fall?

If you do slip and fall there are some basic steps you need to take to help ensure that you can build a case to be compensated for your injuries.

  • Seek medical attention if you are hurt severely.
  • Take pictures of the accident scene.
  • Write down any details about the sidewalk: it’s condition, weather that day, etc.
  • Take pictures of any bruising you experience.
  • Get information from any witnesses that saw you fall and ask if they would provide a statement.
  • Keep all medical bills or records that relate to the fall.
  • Talk to an attorney as soon as possible.

It is important that if you are injured in a slip and fall case that you talk to a legal professional. Give Joe a call at (972) 562-9700 for help today!