Statistics About Boating Accidents

Statistics About Boating AccidentsRecreational boating in the summer is great fun as long as you do not get hurt. Unfortunately, some of the activities that add to the fun are the same as those that can cause a tragedy. A boating accident that injures you leads to claims for compensation, and you need a McKinney personal injury attorney when that happens. Joe Knows Law understands personal injury law and can represent your claim aggressively.

Most of your friends are probably relaxed during a day on the water and may not pay much attention to safety. Having a few beers on a summer day is a typical picnic activity, but a boating accident can easily occur when alcohol is involved. Statistics reported by the Coast Guard and the Department of Homeland Security show that the use of alcohol is a main factor in fatal accidents that involve boats.

Frequency of Accidents on the Water

Boating accidents accounted for 3000 injuries in 2012 and 651 deaths. You may not realize how frequently accidents happen on the water, but there were more than 4500 in 2012, slightly less than in 2011. While motor boat accidents accounted for nearly half of the total, almost 20 percent involved personal watercraft like water scooters and water skis.

Expecting a Safe Ride

Attorney Joe Lucé at Joe Knows Law understands boating and the obligation that boat owners and operators have to ensure the safety of passengers. You expect to have a safe ride when you get on a boat, whether it is a cruise ship or a friend’s motorboat. Injuries that you incur as a result of an owner or operator’s negligence or carelessness can cause you years of pain and possible permanent disability.

Finding Legal Representation

Suffering a serious boating injury can lead to confusing times as you consider the damages to your lifestyle and your ability to work. Joe Knows Law offers you a free consultation to discuss the consequences of your injuries with a personal injury lawyer. Call (972) 562-9700 to schedule your appointment today.