Steps To Take If Insurance Refuses Your Claim


Insurance Refuses Claim McKinney TXIf an insurance company denies your claim, don’t stress. The experts at Joe Knows Law are here to make sure you get the coverage you need, whether for a personal injury, vehicle damage or any other issue.Follow our three simple steps to deal with a refused claim and get the financial help you deserve.

Check Your Policy

As a first step, review your insurance policy. You might find that the terms prevent you from filing a claim for certain issues. If you do not understand your contract, or if you think that the insurance company is in the wrong, contact Joe Knows Law for advice and assistance. .

Talk to a Lawyer

After you read over your insurance contract, reach out to the experienced lawyers at Joe Knows Law. We’ll help you contact the insurance company to discuss why your claim was denied. We’ll also help you figure out what needs to happen in order to ensure that the insurer will accept the claim.

Acquire an Appeal

If necessary, Joe Knows Law will help you put together an appeal, which can include an analysis of your individual case, your financial situation, and even your insurance payment history. We will do everything possible to help you file a successful claim so you get the support you need to cover expenses for personal injuries or property damages.

If you are struggling with a denied insurance claim, contact Joe Knows Law for expert advice and assistance.