Stop Abusive Collection Practices

Stop Abusive Collection PracticesCreditors want to collect money that rightfully belongs to them, but they do not have the right to use abusive or unfair tactics to intimidate you. The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) enforces the Fair Debt Collection Act, which puts legal limits on how and when a debt collector can contact you. Attorney Joe Lucé at Joe Knows Law is an authority on the legality of debt collection practices. Stopping debt collection calls is a legal step that gives you the relief that you need.

Protection Under the Law

Debt collectors often assume that you do not understand the protections that you have under the law. You can rely on Attorney Joe Lucé to make sure that your creditors are prohibited from using these intimidating tactics:

  • swearing at you
  • making your payment record public
  • threatening you with physical harm

In addition, the law prevents a debt collector from making calls to you early in the morning or late at night unless you agree to receive them. A McKinney attorney can make creditors stop calling you at work and put a stop to other harassing practices.

Disputes and Complications

Your debt is a personal matter that you can discuss with your attorney in absolute confidentiality. Disputes with creditors lead to complications that are too difficult to resolve without the guidance of an experienced attorney. In a free consultation, you will learn how Attorney Joe Lucé can build a defense for your collections case.

Getting the Help You Need

Stopping debt collection calls is just one of the protections that you get when you choose a McKinney attorney to represent you. When you have no worry about getting embarrassing calls at work or at home, you can concentrate on your job and on taking care of your family. Debt collectors lose the ability to intimidate you when you take steps to protect yourself with legal representation.

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