Teaching Your Teen About Auto Accident Basics

Teaching Teen About Auto AccidentParents dread the day when their child gets behind the wheel. Even though it is quite a stressful milestone, it can be a very important teaching moment for your child. Going through auto accident basics with your child is crucial in helping them stay safe. Here are the basics to teach to your teen about car accidents.

Put Together an Emergency Kit

Go to the store together and pick out components of an emergency kit. Or there are pre-packaged accident kits that you can purchase as well. Getting your teen involved in the purchase will cause them to pay more attention to what is contained within the kit. When they are more aware of what is contained in the emergency bag, they would be more apt to think of it after a car accident.

Proper Accident Protocol

Let them know about the proper protocol if they have been involved in a car accident:

  • Pull over to the side of the road if possible.
  • Stay calm
  • Check for injuries
  • Call for help if needed
  • Gather information
  • Drive home if safe to do so.

Teach Your Teen to Drive Safely

There are a high number of teen auto accidents that are caused by cellphone use. Make sure to talk to your teen about the importance of focused driving without talking on the phone or texting when driving. Make sure to also address the dangers of alcohol use and driving. Many parents provide a “free pass” to their teens if they need a ride home where the driver has been drinking. Provide them with emergency numbers to call if they feel unsafe driving or being a passenger with a friend.

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