The Ten Essential Qualities of a Civil Litigation Attorney

Personal Injury Claims Lawyer McKinney DallasCivil litigation attorneys must possess a wealth of essential qualities and knowledge in order to be fully functioning and good at what they do. We’ve come up with the top qualities that you need to make sure your civil litigation attorney has before moving any further throughout the legal process.

Top 10 Qualities of a Civil Litigation Attorney

  1. Rules of Evidence – A civil litigation lawyer must know the admissibility or inadmissibility of evidence. Failure to respond to an objection or handle evidence correctly can result in an unsuccessful case.
  2. Interpersonal Communication Skills – A civil litigation lawyer must be used to interacting and communicating with different types of people because they interact with people all day long. They must know how to manage people and listen critically.
  3. Honesty – A civil litigation lawyer must possess honesty so their client can trust them throughout the case and other court proceedings.
  4. Negotiation Skills – A civil litigation lawyer must be able to negotiate, compromise, and come up with the best solution possible for their client.
  5. Persuasiveness – A civil litigation lawyer must have the art of persuasion to make the judge, jury, or opposing counsel take their side.
  6. Communicate Clearly – A civil litigation lawyer must be able to communicate clearly with their client, the judge, the jury, and other involved parties.
  7. Experience – A civil litigation lawyer must have experience in the civil litigation field. The more experience, the better.
  8. Confidence – A civil litigation lawyer must possess the confidence to go through court proceedings without wavering. One sign of weakness or lack of self-esteem can sway a case’s results.
  9. Organizational Skills – A civil litigation lawyer must have organizational skills so that their case will run smoothly and efficiently.
  10. Ability to learn – A civil litigation lawyer must have the ability to learn. Each case is different. A civil litigation lawyer must be willing to educate themselves if a client comes to them with a case involving laws that they’re unfamiliar with.

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