The Difference Between a Client and a Case File

The Difference Between a Client and a Case FileWhen you have been injured, you should contact an experienced personal injury attorney right away. When you are in the lawyer’s office, you may start to hear a lot of legal terms being thrown around. You may hear “client” and “case file”, just to name a few. It is important that you are well-informed of the legal process and fundamental legal terms so you can make sound decisions about your case. Your attorney can help explain any complicated terms in detail, but it is good for you to do as much homework as you can as well. Here is a brief overview of what the difference is between a client and a case file.

Who Is a Client?

A client is an individual represented by an attorney. An attorney owes his client several ethical duties. Those duties are to further their best interest and make choices and decisions that help their client. Sometimes one attorney may represent several clients as long as their interests are aligned and there are no conflicts of interests between them. Before you hire your attorney, you will be presented with a client agreement that will clearly state all expectations and the role your attorney will play in your case.

What Is a Case File?

A case file is a collection of all the evidence your attorney has put together for your case. This includes witness statements, medical bills, photos of the accident, and anything else relating to your case. Using your case file, your attorney can build a strong case against the other side.

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