What Is a Third-Party Claim?

What is a Third-Party Claim?When you have been injured or suffered damages in some way, you will bring a lawsuit against the party who is responsible. However, sometimes there are multiple parties who share some part of the responsibility. This is when a third-party claim is made. Attorney Joe Lucé always wants our clients to understand every aspect of their case. If you have a question regarding a possible third-party claim in your particular situation, this is best shared with your attorney.

Third-Party Claims Defined

Many people think of lawsuits as linear, where there is only a plaintiff and a defendant. However, third party claims are often made to include other parties such as insurance companies, car manufacturers, or other possible responsible parties. This helps those who are injured get the compensation they need to settle their damages, while also making it fair to those who maybe aren’t responsible for 100% of those damages, or have insurance to help cover in these circumstances.

First-Party vs. Third-Party Claims

A first-party claim is made between an insurance company and policyholder, and they do not include another party. Third-party claims are made by those who are not a policyholder. This means the policyholder is also named in the lawsuit and the insurance company would be a third-party in the claim.

Talk to an Attorney

In order to file a third-party claim, you will need assistance from an experienced attorney. Part of a lawyer’s job is to ensure you have named everyone you need to in your claim in order to get a fair settlement. Failure to name all the parties in your claim can result in not receiving the compensation you deserve.

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