Top Personal Injuries During Summer

Personal Injury During SummerSummer is a time for enjoying the outdoors, family BBQs, and vacations. It also is a time where personal injuries increase in frequency. It is important to understand what personal injuries occur during the summer time so you can avoid them. Below are the top personal injuries that occur during the summer months.

Car Accidents

With more people traveling, there are inevitably more car accidents. Car accidents tend to happen in the early morning hours of midnight and 3 AM. You can reduce your risk for being involved in a car accident by taking breaks in between long car trips. Getting enough rest is crucial in being able to drive with an increased awareness of others.

Dog Bites

With more people spending time with friends and family, there is more time being spent with family pets. While Fido maybe well behaved most of the time, the constant stress of being around children 24/7 sometimes can provoke a bite. Never leave your children unattended with a family pet and don’t trust animals that you do not know.

Product Liability

During the summer, you’re using appliances that you don’t often use. This includes grills, lawnmowers, hedgers, and other pieces of outdoor equipment. With increase usage comes increased risk of being injured by a defective product. If you believe a defective product injured you, it’s important that you speak to an attorney right away.

Work Injury

Unless you are in a profession that has the summer off, you are probably still working throughout the summer months. With vacations, family trips, and visitors, you might be more tired than usual. You may fall victim to workplace negligence easier then if you were completely rested. Ensure that you get proper rest before returning to work after a long vacation. If you feel that your injury was the result of workplace negligence, speak into a personal injury attorney who can help you recover damages.

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