What a Truck Accident Lawyer Can Do For You

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If you’re injured in a truck accident, either as the driver, a driver in another vehicle, or a pedestrian, you could be entitled to compensation for your injuries and damages. You’re able to bring a legal claim against the opposing party, even when partially at fault. However, accident liability claims are complicated, so hiring an experienced truck accident lawyer could be in your best interest. Understanding what one can do for you is paramount.


First and foremost, an attorney will offer their advice. Typically, such information stems from years of experience handling car accident and truck accident cases. This service is quite valuable, as you may be unsure of how to proceed, the paperwork that must be filed, and where to file. You’ll most likely want information on settlements, too.


It’s likely that an insurance company will handle much of the proceedings moving forward. An attorney is skilled in dealing with these agencies and communicating your intentions and any evidence you may have. It’s crucial to let the insurance companies know how serious your claim is. Most will try to drop the case or ignore you altogether, which won’t happen with a lawyer on your side.

Determining Fault

In an accident, someone is typically at fault for the injuries. A truck accident attorney will help prove fault. You may share partial responsibility, which will be determined. Even if you’re partially at fault, you may be able to recover damages – at least partial damages. It’s unlikely you’ll receive the full amount, though.

This is where you come in. At the scene of the accident, try to obtain witness accounts, police reports, and photographic evidence, where possible. If you’re unable to, some of this evidence could be tracked down later.

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