Truck Driver Injuries Shift Into High Gear

Truck and delivery drivers have ranked among the highest number of workplace fatalities in recent years. The job is dangerous. These statistics rank among the worst of any other occupation, according to data gathered by the Bureau of Labor Statistics. In 2016, for example, 918 truck drivers died on the job. In the last five years alone, fatalities from truck accidents have risen 11.2 percent. More companies are relying on trucking for transportation, which leads to inexperienced and careless drivers on the road.

The Statistics

Overall, logging and forestry workers experienced a higher rate of fatal injuries. However, due to the industry being so much smaller, there were fewer deaths overall. Trucking, on the other hand, is massive. Think back to your morning commute and try to recall how many 18-wheeler trucks you stumbled across. There are more truck drivers on the road than ever before. The employee pool is larger, making the statistics for injuries and death also larger.

For tractor-trailer drivers, around 80 percent of workplace deaths were related to transportation incidents.

Time for Change

The trucking industry is currently undergoing a massive evolution. We are hearing more about automated transportation, which may cut down the number of drivers on the road. However, truck drivers, as workers, are now dealing with smaller packages due to online shopping, which means more road time overall.

With more time on the road, the chances of an accident are increased. Trucking companies are working tirelessly to incur safety requirements and training sessions by requiring some truckers to take on partners. Still, more than 88 percent of all accidents are due to human error, not mechanical.

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