Understanding the Texas Workers Compensation System

Workers’ compensation is an insurance program regulated by the state to provide coverage for employees with income and medical benefits should they sustain a work-related injury or illness. Texas employers may choose whether to provide workers’ compensation for their employees or not. The insurance plan pays for your medical bills and will replace a lost portion of wages. Of course, workers’ compensation only kicks in if you are injured at work or have a work-related illness. If injured outside of your workplace, you are not entitled to compensation.

Who Is Covered?

Unfortunately, many employers still do not carry workers’ compensation coverage. Most large corporations tend to carry a plan, while small employers may choose not to so they may avoid the costs. Overall, an estimated 80 percent of the Texas workforce has workers’ compensation coverage.

By law, certain employers must carry coverage, including:

  • Public employers, including cities, counties, state agencies, and The University of Texas
  • Building and construction companies
  • Public transportation companies
  • Motor carriers
  • Liquid propane gas and compressed natural gas dealers

Public employers may choose to purchase commercial coverage, self-insure, or join a Workers’ Compensation fund within the public sector.

Workers’ Compensation Benefits

Under the Texas Workers’ Compensation Law, there are four primary benefits listed: income, medical, death, and burial. Income benefits cover a portion of lost wages due to a work-related injury. Medical benefits pay for medical care that is reasonable and necessary. Death provides the family with compensation in the event of an untimely death due to a work accident. Lastly, burial covers the funeral expenses of a lost individual on the job.

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