Using Technology in Your Car Accident Case

Using Technology in Your Car Accident CaseAs technology continues to progress, more and more vehicles are opting to purchase dash cams to free themselves potentially of liability in car accident cases. There is a lot of confusion about the legality of filming in public. Joe Knows Law wants you to know Texas law and how best to protect yourself, so you have all the tools at your fingertips. Here are just a few ways in which technology is changing the car accident case.

Dash Cams

As portable video camera systems become more and more affordable, many drivers are opting to install one on their dashboard. They can be incredibly useful to catch footage of potentially negligent driving. According to Texas law, nothing can be attached to the windshield, front window, or rear window that could potentially block your view. However, a small camera attached to your dash that does not hinder your view is legal.

Filming in Public

Laws prohibiting filming are to protect privacy. However, in a public place, you do not have an expectation of privacy. Additionally, Texas is a one-party consent state for filming. This means that to film or record, only one person as part of the conversation has to consent to the recording. If you drive outside of Texas, you will want to check the state’s laws on the recording of dash cams.

Self-Driving Cars

Car accident cases will be very interesting as self-driving cars make their way on the roads. A study found that self-driving test cars are involved in car accidents at 5x the rate of conventional vehicles. It will be interesting how the law deals with self-driving cars in car crash cases.

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