What to Do After a Boating Accident in Dallas

Boat Accident Attorney Dallas TXThe summer is when you are likely to have a boating accident in Dallas. When the warm weather hits, many people flock to the Dallas area lakes to cool off. Boating accidents can be devastating since many people do not wear restraining belts and many boats travel very fast. It is important that when you are in a boating accident that you understand what to do quickly. Being prepared and having the knowledge to act fast can help save your life.

Keep Everyone Afloat

Make sure everyone is onboard and assist anyone who has gone overboard. Make sure you are out of the way so that you are not hit by anyone else. Assess people’s need for medical assistance and use your on-board medical emergency kit.

Contact the Coast Guard

Contact the Coast Guard immediately to notify them of the accident. Give your location, a description of the boat, how many boats have been impacted by the accident, and the injuries that people have suffered.

Collect Information

Collect contact information of each person who is involved in the accident. Take pictures with your cell phone or a disposable camera of the damage to the boat. Having pictures of the scene of your boating accident is very helpful to your case.

Contact an Attorney

As soon as you are able, contact a personal injury attorney with experience in boating accidents. You will first meet with the attorney for an initial consultation. This is a brief meeting in which you explain your case and the attorney will listen and then briefly go over the process of filing your claim. Bring the information you have collected with you as well as the pictures you have taken.

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