What to Do Immediately After a Vehicle Accident

Vehicle Accident Attorney McKinney TXNo matter how severe, car accidents can be scary. In fact, most people involved in accidents experience disorientation, confusion and panic. As a result, it can be difficult to know what to do immediately after an automobile accident occurs. Hopefully you’ll never have to go through the experience of a car accident, but if you do, here are some helpful steps to take from the pros at Joe Knows Law:

1.) Make Sure You’re OK

Immediately after an accident, it can be tempting to try to move around; however, if you are injured, this may make your situation much worse. Many times, head, neck and back injuries do not immediately present symptoms, such as pain, and injured people often end up compounding their injuries by trying to move immediately after an accident. If you are unsure as to your status, it’s important to sit still until you’re inspected by medical professionals in order to avoid further injuries. If you must exit your vehicle due to impending danger, such as fire, do so as carefully as possible.

2.) Check on Others Involved in Your Accident

If you are able to safely do so, check on any passengers in your vehicle, as well as people in any other vehicles involved in the accident. When possible, assist others with first aid care, but again, try not to move anyone yourself unless they are in imminent danger.

3.) Call the Authorities

Once you have made sure that everyone involved in the accident is in a safe place, you need to call the authorities. This may mean dialing 9-1-1 in the United States, or whatever local emergency number is available.

Finally, you will want to contact a vehicle accident attorney, such as attorney Joe Lucé, for assistance. An accident attorney will be able to investigate all of the evidence gathered by the authorities responding to your accident, and this may help you to gain financial compensation for medical expenses, property damage and more.

Most accident attorneys offer a free consultation for individuals who have been involved in car accidents, and in many cases, they can also represent injured individuals in court. If you’ve been injured in a car accident and you’d like to speak with a car accident attorney in McKinney, Joe Knows Law recommends calling (972) 562-9700 for further information on receiving the compensation you deserve.