What To Do When Your Dog Bites

Dog BitesIt is a common misconception that only aggressive dogs are the source of damaging dog bites. Even the friendliest dog can become threatened or scared and bite. A bite can be a dog owner’s worst nightmare. If you’re your dog has bitten someone, you need a dog bite attorney in order to help limit your losses.

Responding to a Dog Bite

The best thing to do is remain calm. It is easy to panic or become upset, but it is important to think rationally. First thing is to restrain your dog appropriately and make sure that the person who was bit does not need emergency medical assistance. Give the victim your contact information, and gather contact information of any witnesses present.

What to Expect After a Bite

If the person bit decides to press charges against you, you may end up in one of three courts. Most dog bite cases are filed in civil court for compensation of the victim’s medical bills. In rare cases of an extremely serious bite, the case may be filed in criminal court. In another rare scenario, if animal control authorities decide to file a case, you will have to appear in animal control court.

Talk to an Attorney

If you have received notice of a suit resulting from a dog bite, you need an experienced dog bite attorney. An knowledgeable attorney would be able to provide you with advice, guidance, and fight for you (and your dog) to get the best result possible.

Reporting to Your Insurance Provider

Dog bites are sometimes covered by an insurance policy. If the person bit demands money, the bite is particularly bad, or you just have gut feeling about the situation, report it to your insurance provider.

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