What to Do with a Suspended Driver’s License


Suspended Driver's LicenseIf you have a suspended driver’s license, it can be confusing on what you need to do in order tohave it reinstated. Luckily, an experienced attorney can help you understand the process. Generally, there is a list of specific requirements you must meet depending on why your license was suspended.

Reasons for Driver’s License Suspension

The Department of Public Safety (DPS) can suspend your driver’s license for many reasons. The most common reason is typically driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Some traffic violations or lack of insurance can also leave you with a suspended driver’s license.

Process of Suspended Licenses

If your driver’s license has been suspended, you will receive an enforcement notification from the DPS. The length of your suspension depends on the offense, but is usually one or two years. If you have questions about the specific circumstances in your case, you need to speak to your attorney.

Consequences of a Suspended Driver’s License

When you have had your driver’s license suspended, it will remain in your driving record. This translates to higher insurance premiums on your car insurance. If you have subsequent offenses, you could completely lose your driver’s license. It is important that you follow all instructions from your attorney and the court when your license has been suspended.

Talk to an Attorney

If you are facing driver’s license suspension, you need to speak to an experienced attorney who has experience with DWI and serious traffic offenses. They can help you in creating a plan to get your license reinstated.

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